Is This Brilliant Or Just Crazy?

Hey ya'll, it's Leslye from the Chad & Leslye Morning Show on Magic1077 and I just wanted to share the post Christmas craziness that went down at my house this week.

As a family, we enjoy a live Christmas tree and have been buying our trees from a small mom & pop tree lot in Deland for 25-years.

This year our tree was especially beautiful. Standing only about 7 feet tall, this beauty was big and fat and all of it's limbs just seem to settle right into place.

It's fullness did pose a problem though when it came to getting it out of the house.

We have beautiful wood floors and we always seem to scratch them one way or another.

Not this year! As my husband decided the best way to get it out was to take it down.

One branch at a time!!

At first it didn't seem so bad and I was sure my gorgeous tree would retain its dignity all the way to the curb.

Oh, it made it to the curb, but barely :(

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