PICS: Glimpse Inside Chad & Leslye's Weekend

Look what Chad stumbled across in his East Orlando neighborhood. An albino squirrel!

Chad was decorating for holidays and stumbled upon this pic from 3rd grade.

Chad often FaceTime's his pup Gabby, who is spending the holidays at her grandparents in Richmond, Virginia.

And just like that....

Chad sold his couches!!!

During the week, Leslye hits up Deland Pilates at noon after the show. But on weekends, the classes start early at 8 AM

At Sprouts Farmer's Market this weekend, Leslye had the honor of handing listeners gifts cards. One lady broke down in tears after receiving a $100.00 AMEX gift card

In true Virgo fashion, Leslye has her Christmas tree up and most of the gifts wrapped!

A little overwhelmed with all the turkey and ham, Leslye served up a little seafood pasta for Sunday night dinner.

This weekend was Leslye's first radio remote in almost 2 years! It felt good she tells us!

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