PICS: Chad & Leslye's Weekend "Road Trip" Pics!!

Turkey Day with the fam!

Chad's oldest niece, Maddie, his nephew Stevie, and sister Jen.

While he was home, Chad decorated the family Christmas tree.

On the road again. This time Chad headed south on I-95 headed back to Orlando. Only this time, Leslye joined him.

Back in Deland, Leslye made individual cranberry cakes to use as place cards this year and we understand they were delish!

Leslye's son Chase and nieces, Marley and Kara, returned from college to surprise their grandmother who hadn't seen them in more than a year.

Leslye also put up her Christmas lights this weekend.

Very early Saturday morning, Leslye jumped on a flight to Richmond to keep Chad company on the long ride home.

Blizzards from Dairy Queen are always a must on a road trip!!!

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