Leslye Gale's Son Chase Cuts Off His Long Hair, But Why?

Because my son Chase had to wear his hair above his collar his entire undergraduate life, he promised me when he was able to grow it, he would.

And did he ever!

Needless to say @chaseberenson had the best hair in our family, women included!

Earlier this year Chase suffered a life altering hand injury.

As an aspiring tattoo artist/muralist it’s been devastating.

Four surgeries later and a fifth one scheduled for Dec. 1st….

Chase has also made good on another childhood promise!

To grow his hair long enough to donate to a child who had lost their hair to cancer.

This week, Chase donated

13-inches of beautiful, healthy blonde hair to


We’re super proud of you buddy and we’re all praying for you as you head into this next, and hopefully final, surgery… only now we get to add another young soul to our prayers.

A little girl who will undoubtedly look beautiful sporting those magnificent blonde locks.

Chase and "all that hair" at his Flagler College graduation last year with girlfriend, Mego Lockett.

Chase always said, when he was able to, he would donate his hair to an organization that supports children.

He says it feels great and that he'll keep it short for a while!

I'll probably have to buy him a few new beanies this Christmas!


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