PICS: Chad & Leslye Both Go To The 'ginias", Our Week In 5 Pics

Chad made a quick trip home to Richmond, Virginia to visit family. They're headed to dinner here, which everyone but Andy seems happy about it!

Congrats to all of our colleagues who successfully put on the sold out, Fiesta Latina 2021. For the first time ever the event was held at Orlando's Amway Center and Chad made sure not to miss it.

Always ready for a weekend bike ride, Chad cycled through Winter Garden to Oakland.

Someone (Chad's dog Gabby) got a bath and was not happy about it!

Still learning his way around the kitchen, Chad made butternut squash ravioli while on vacation. Way to go Chad!

Leslye, her husband Ben and their Labradoodle Lewis, also headed for the 'ginias, only they landed on the Hatfield/McCoy trails in West Virginia.

The largest off road trail system in the world, The 10 Hatfield/McCoy trails offer 500 miles of off road fun!

As a group, Leslye and Ben, Don and Elise and Lewis mastered three of the ten trails (And that was plenty for Elise!)

Leslye's Labradoodle, Lewis Blue Johnson, was a great source of comfort to the group on some of the more challenging mountain climbs.

In fact, Leslye says she couldn't have done the trip without him!

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