Chad & Leslye's Weekend In 5 Pics!

The weekend is over already? Sheesh! Let's look back at Chad & Leslye's weekend in 5 pictures!

Listen to them talk about it on-air by clicking the podcast below.

Leslye, the Galley Wench!Photo: Leslye Gale

Chad Pitt went kayaking at Shingle Creek Regional Park in Kissimmee.Photo: Chad Pitt

If you like "Scream" type horror movies, Chad recommends "Fear Street" on Netflix.Photo: Chad Pitt

Chad started to decorate his house for Halloween.Photo: Chad Pitt

While at Disney Springs Friday night, Chad swung by Sprinkles to grab a pumpkin spice cupcake.Photo: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Chad tried out Wine Bar George at Disney Springs Friday night. Looks delicious! Photo: Chad Pitt

Leslye joined her brother's regatta crew in Bradenton, Florida. Photo: Leslye Gale

Leslye Gale, Queen of the Regatta!Photo: Leslye Johnson

Leslye had all hands on deck.Photo: Leslye Gale

Leslye and her brother, Ken. Photo: Leslye Gale

Leslye is charting her own course! Photo: Leslye Gale

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