Dr. Phillips Center Presents Sheryl Crow

Dr. Phillips Center Presents


April 28, 2021 | Frontyard Festival™, Presented by AdventHealth

Part of our one-of-a-kind Frontyard Festival™—six months of socially distant, live outdoor entertainment and unique experiences, including food and drinks delivered to your box from on-site restaurants.

SherylCrow's fresh, updated spin on classic roots rock made her one of the most popular mainstream rockers of the '90s. Her albums were loose and eclectic on the surface, yet generally tied together with polished, professional songcraft.Crow's sunny, good-time rockers and world-weary ballads were radio staples for much of the '90s, and she was a perennial favorite at Grammy time.

Although her songwriting style was firmly anchored to the rock tradition, she wasn't beholden to it—her free-associative, reference-laden poetry could hardly have been the product of any other era but the '90s. Her production not only kept pace with contemporary trends, but sometimes even pushed the envelope of what sounds could be heard on a classicist rock album, especially her self-titled sophomore effort. All of this madeCrowone of the most dependable stars of the decade, and she showed no signs of relinquishing her hard-won success in the new millennium.

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