Why Chad Pitt Is Breathing A Huge Sigh Of Relief Today

Hey there, it's Chad Pitt.

I’ve been reluctant to talk about this publicly, but since we share everything on the Chad and Leslye Morning Show, I thought it was worth mentioning.

Hopefully you haven't noticed on the air, but for the past few weeks I’ve been “ going through it” as they say. You see, it's my parents, Sheri and Andy. They live in Richmond, Virginia and they both got Covid.

That, in itself unfortunately, is not unique. My parents, however, fall into the high risk category. My father is especially vulnerable. In fact, just a few weeks ago he was hospitalized for a heart condition, but chose to return to work in the days following his release. It was there, at work, where my dad contracted this horrible disease and then brought it home to my mom, who also battles a number of health issues, including an auto immune disease.

Hearing my mom cry on the phone was something I'll never forget. I immediately called my sister who lives close by and we devised a plan. Although, I have to tell you, there's little you can do when you live 900-miles away. Of course, distance is limitless when it comes to worry and I had my fair share.

I was praying my parents would have gotten a mild case of Covid (is there such a thing?) But sadly that wasn't what happened. Each day my dad got progressively worse. His temperature was like a roller coaster, spiking every hour from 97 degrees to 102 degrees. My mom wasn't doing any better, unable to get out of bed to assist my ailing dad. It was a nightmare on every level.

I'm sure I'm not alone, so many of you have had to watch your parents and loved ones from afar as they struggle against this disease. I, at least, had my work as a distraction. Days packed with Zoom calls and planning meetings, turned out to be my best medicine. Unfortunately, my parents were only getting worse. In a FaceTime call they appeared pale and weak.

Frantic, I called a doctor friend who told me about available anti-body treatments for people who have been diagnosed with Covid and who also have certain underlying conditions. Both of my parents met the criteria and qualified. And, as it turns out, the anti-body treatment was being offered at a hospital located not too far away. Anyone who has had to deal with a parent during this crisis understands the difficulty of getting them to and from treatments and convincing my parents to get into their car and drive themselves to the hospital, wasn't easy. But they did it and they got, what I think, were the life saving anti-bodies they needed.

I'm so happy to report to you that this week, Sheri and Andy tested negative for Covid-19. My dad, bless his heart, plans on returning to work next week.

I cannot say thank you enough to the doctor, the angel, who stepped forward and saved my parents lives and managed to keep me sane in the process.

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