Why Would I Let You See Me Like This?

Hey there!

It's Leslye from the "Chad & Leslye Morning Show"

Have you ever tried doing yard work during Florida's hot summer months?

If you answered yes, you know it pretty much sucks.

Dodging storms in what feels like 110 degree heat, isn't really my idea of fun.

In fact, I've never been much of a gardening kind of a girl, but my 23-year old son, Chase, loves it!

Our house has been in our family for nearly fifty years. It started out as a 2/1 gem on a quiet Deland street with simple pink siding and lots of love.

But over the decades the house, like the street, has grown up and our neighborhood is now part of a popular exercise trail.

Chase has really helped me understand what's at the heart of gardening. He seems to be able to actually hear the plants.

He's shown me where to best place each pot and why certain plants thrive in some areas while others struggle.

I admit it's back breaking work and almost unbearable during Florida's hot summer months, but I welcome the time I get to spend with my son and I love the end result!

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