YAY!!! I'll Squeeze In A Pair!



             Spanx Jeans Are Finally Here


Spanx might not be comfortable, but they are magical garments that make you look amazing in your clothing. You might be jumping for joy when you hear this – In July, Spanx will launch their jeans collection. Yes, Spanx jeans!

The shapewear jeans will come in two styles, according to Spanx, "the Signature, which features a wide waistband and a side zipper designed for a smooth fit, and the Slim X, which has a stomach control panel and five pockets." They come in all cuts from skinny to bootleg.

The jeans are a little pricey at $148, but you can't put a price on a pair of jeans that make your butt and thighs look amazing – even if you can't comfortably eat or breathe in them. There's a reason why people say beauty is pain.

John and Leslye

Photo by Jamie Mathews



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