Christmas holiday as a needed break from the rigors of school but many parents find this to be a really stressful time.

Some parents, who work, often find themselves wondering what their children are doing at home unsupervised. Parents who are on vacation from work and are at home with their children often find themselves wondering what they can do to keep their children entertained.

It is important for children to engage in daily physical activities during holiday break.

"Young children especially need to get out of the house or apartment for regular full-body exercise to work off stress," says educator Jeanette Shaw,

In warmer climates parents can engage in outdoor activities along with their children. Bike riding, picnicking, and nature walks are terrific ways for children to get the physical exercise that they need.

When the weather proves to be too inclement to go outdoors for physical exercise there are many indoor activities that will keep children busy and cognitively focused. There is no doubt that there will be countless photographs that were taken at Christmas. Why not let children put together a scrapbook of the family's most recent Christmas? Scrapbooking is a great way for children to be creative. Most children thoroughly enjoy being creative and putting their own personalized touch on artwork. Scrapbooking stimulates a child's mind creatively and cutting and pasting, drawing and writing fine tune motor skills. Create a craft station in your home and stock it with markers, pens, paper and other decorative material.

Gift certificates make excellent Christmas gifts. Parents may choose to buy their children gift certificates that allow children to participate in their favorite activities over holiday break. Movie certificates, tickets to sporting events, or other activities will be appreciated by both younger and older children. By attending these events together it offers a great opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time together.

By allowing children to participate in a variety of activities parents will ensure continued healthy emotional and physical development. Parents who are looking for a way to keep their children entertained through the long Christmas break should challenge their children with the activities they choose for them.

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