It's probably never occurred to you to sub out tomatoes on your burger for apple slices. And if THAT'S never occurred to you, then we're darn sure you've never asked your waitress to sprinkle a dash of cinnamon into your mayo before they slather it onto your beef.

But Japan is going for it at their local Burger King these days with something called the BK Ringo (that's Japanese for "apple"), and apparently, it's kind of delicious.

Here's how one food blogger described it: "The BK Ringo comes with a unique cinnamon infused mayonnaise, and a pretty generous portion at that. The cinnamon smells great, and the scent mixes with the meat and produces an almost Middle Eastern effect. It doesn't impart as much sweetness as you'd expect, though. There's a short burst of cinnamon flavor that comes just before you wrap your mouth around the sandwich, but once you bite in, the initial flavors on the tongue is mayonnaise, followed by the juicy meat and slight char."

We gotta tell ya ... we're not even remotely disgusted!