Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said in a statement late Wednesday (April 30th) that he's taking an immediate leave of absence to seek treatment for alcohol abuse amid a report that there's new video showing him smoking crack. He said, "I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence. I have struggled with this for some time." The Toronto Globe and Mail said earlier yesterday that it had viewed a new video of Ford -- who's running for re-election in October -- smoking what appears to be crack in his sister's basement early this past Saturday. The paper said the video is one of three that a self-professed drug dealer is trying to sell for big money. After months of denials, Ford acknowledged last year that he'd smoked crack in what he called a "drunken stupor" after police obtained a video showing it that has never been publicly released. But despite that and a string of other outrageous and embarrassing incidents, Ford has refused to resign and announced a re-election run. However, the Toronto city council has stripped him of most of his powers.