Some poor promotions person at 1-800-FLOWERS might not be getting their holiday bonus this year after coming up with the idea of teaming up with Robin Thicke to create two bouquets "inspired" by his new album. The album, called Paula, is a plea to his estranged wife, Paula Patton, to forgive him for his reported cheating and take him back -- but so far she's not buying it, and not many people are buying the album either, with just 25,000 in U.S. sales in its first week, compared to 177,000 for last summer's Blurred Lines. Customers who buy either of the two bouquets -- the Get Her Back or the Forever Love -- get a free digital download of the album. The Get Her Back is made up of 100 red roses, and sells for a whopping $350, which the Forever Love is a smaller bouquet of red roses that goes for either $65 or $90.

The Get Her Back bouquet:

Get Her Back Bouquet

  • The Forever Love bouquet:

Forever Love