We all know the phrase "Diamonds are forever" and tend to subscribe to that every time we think about getting engaged. (We girls want our rock!)

But a new College Humor video exposes the real reasons diamonds have come to symbolize "love." 

1. The notion of diamond engagement rings has only been around less than a century ... and was created by the De Beers company.

2. The reason diamonds are so expensive is because the De Beers company has a monopoly on most of the world's diamond minds and controls how many get released at a given time, making diamonds seem rare.

3. The idea that you have to spend two months' salary on an engagement ring was completely fabricated by the De Beers company.

4. De Beers came up with the campaign "Diamonds are forever" because the little rocks have almost no resale value.

Now the big question is this: Now that you know all this, does it even remotely dissuade you from wanting a big fat diamond on your hand to show the world how much your fiance loves you?

**************WARNING OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE******************