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More Twitter... More TV

More Twitter... More TV
Posted March 25th, 2014 @ 9:12am





Do you use Twitter? If so, you should know it's probably influencing your TV viewing habits. A study by Fox, Twitter and the Advertising Research Foundation finds that the Twitter audience prefers to hear about TV from actors, hosts, judges and contestants on Twitter over their friends or family. Researchers found that 77 percent of those exposed to TV-related tweets have taken immediate action around a given show, whether that's turning in for the first time, revisiting a show they've dropped, changing the channel, or searching for ways to watch the show online. Ninety two percent say they've taken immediate action around a given show based solely on what's popping up in their Twitter feed. The study examined more than 12 thousand active Twitter users over a two-week period, and researchers say, "This groundbreaking research has allowed us, for the very first time, to understand and quantify the very real value of the enormous volume of tweets generated by our shows and our brand partners every week."

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