Florida Polytechnic University just opened a few days ago as the newest campus in the Florida State University system, boasting a main building, called the Innovation, Science and Technology Building, that was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. According to the Los Angeles Times, that building is where most of the school's 500 new students will go to class, and it also houses the library -- but it's one that doesn't have a single book in it. The Times says that Internet connections to the standard electronic resources of a university library are available, as it access to a digital catalog that began with 135,000 e-books, and librarians work there as well. But you won't find any physical books. Florida Polytechnic wants to move away from paper, even discouraging the use of printers that are available to print out articles viewed online. Library Journal cited the school's library director, Kathryn Miller, as "emphasiz[ing] that it's the information that's key, not its form."