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     Woman Spend a Lot of Money on Shoes


You've heard that saying, "Nothing cures the blues like a new pair of shoes" – and for women, that might just be true. According to a new survey of British and American women, the average female will spend more than $20,000 on shoes in her lifetime, and own about 268 pairs of shoes as an adult. That's a lot of trips to DSW and a lifetime of cramming shoes into a closet.

Here's what's really crazy – 20% of the women surveyed admitted to buying shoes that were incredibly uncomfortable, but looked amazing on, and a whopping 52% of women said they have shoes in their closet that they have never worn either because they don't have anywhere to wear them or they are too uncomfortable to wear. 

There is no definitive reason, according to the study, why women gain so much pleasure from buying shoes, but any shoe addict can tell you – a sexy heel or a flirty wedge can change your whole attitude when you are wearing them!

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