Every parent knows that no matter how tired you are, you never get a day off.

Babble, a popular parenting blog, wanted to find out what lazy things parents find themselves doing out of sheer exhaustion. So, they posted this on Facebook to get some real answers from moms and dads: "Finish this sentence in regard to parenting. I was so lazy, one time I ..."

Here are some of the best responses:

  • ... "didn’t feel like cooking so I fed the kids cereal for dinner. Five times in one week."
  • ... "didn’t feel like washing the dirty dishes stacking up in my kitchen, so I threw them out and bought paper plates."
  • ... "didn’t get around to washing my son’s uniform so I just sprayed it with Febreeze and made him wear it again."
  • ... "texted my son in the next room that dinner was ready."
  • ... "bought new underwear at Target to avoid laundry."
  • ... "picked up fast food on the way home from grocery shopping because I was too tired to actually cook anything I just bought."
  • ... "verbally played hide and go seek. Just guessed where they were hiding and they would yell yes or no."
  • ... "slapped a diaper over my sleeping daughter’s bathing suit, instead of changing her into her nightgown and risk waking her up."
  • ... "let my son’s swimming lessons count as his “bath,” and not for just one time."