Is Pinterest Making You Fat?

Bad news for Pinterest users: A new study shows that ogling delicious-looking, high-calorie foods might make you reach for the real thing. Researchers found that looking at junk food activated the region of the brain that spurred feelings of hunger and cravings for sweet and savory foods.

Here are Shape’s tips to help you have your Pinterest cake and eat it, too:

  1. Play food stylist with healthy recipes: Follow boards of appealing, everyday recipes to help you stay motivated and engaged in a healthy lifestyle.  
  2. Focus on the realistic: Pin images that are realistic and healthy, like a recipe that uses apple or inspirational quotes versus photos of airbrushed celebs and models.
  3. Find pinnable workouts to follow: Charts, how-to videos and infographics make for great workout inspiration
John and Leslye

Photo by Jamie Mathews



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