Social media is a force to be reckoned with, and now, social media users are being challenged to prove how happy they are. A handful of these challenges demand participants document their happy moments for a set period of time. One example is the 100 Happy Days challenge. The homepage of reads, "We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in...71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simply did not have time to be happy. Do you?" The challenge requires participants to post photos of what makes them happy each day for 100 days, and use the hashtag #100happydays. Another challenge making the rounds is the "Positivity Challenge" and requires participants share three things that he or she is happy or excited about each day as well as nominate three new people to participate in the experiment. What do you think of these happiness-based challenges? Have you done one? (Yahoo)