Palmetto Elementary School realizes double-digit gains in nearly every FCAT category of testing


Retiring FCAT scores show OCPS gains in math and science

June 6, 2014 – Palmetto Elementary School is a standout in this year’s FCAT testing results. In all areas, Palmetto students have made gains.


 Palmetto Elementary School Gains

3rd-grade math  +30

  • 4th-grade math  +41
  • 5th-grade math  +23
  • 3rd-grade reading   +17
  • 4th-grade reading   +26
  • 5th-grade reading   +8
  • 5th-grade science    +23

In mathematics districtwide, all FCAT scores are up in grades 4 through 7 ranging from one to six points per grade level. Let’s take a look at the standouts.



Grade         Biggest Gainers                                  Highest Performers

3                   Tildenville, +39 pts.                               Stone Lakes , 91 pct.

4                   Palmetto, +41 pts.                               Thornebrooke, 93 pct.

5                   Rock Lake, +41 pts                              Whispering Oak, 94 pct.

6                   Southwest, +22 pts.                             Arbor Ridge, 96 pct.

7                   Conway, +17 pts.                                 Arbor Ridge, 100 pct.

8                    Howard, +16 pt                                    Arbor Ridge, 98 pct.


Orange County is now leading all large urban school districts in Florida in 4th-grade math performance after a six-point gain in proficiency districtwide from 61 to 67 percent of students passing.

In science, our 5th-grade students outperform the state by three percentage points. This is an increase from last year when we were ahead of the state average by two percentage points. OCPS fifth graders pass rate is at 57 percent; the state is at 54 percent.



Grade             Biggest Gainers                           Highest Performers

3                    Ventura, +25 pts.                        Stone Lakes, Sunrise, Whispering Oak

    88 pct. 

4                     Catalina, +20 pts.                       Windermere, 87 pct.                                              

5                     Orange Center, +26 pts.            Hillcrest, 92 pct.

6                     Lakeview, +10 pts.                     Arbor Ridge, 90 pct.

7                     Chain of Lakes, Howard,            Arbor Ridge, 99 pct.

                        Piedmont Lakes, and

South Creek,+7 pts.

8                      Howard, Legacy,+ 8 pts.            Arbor Ridge, 93 pct.

9                      Winter Park, +5 pts.                   Winter Park, 73 pct.

10                    Colonial, East River, +9 pts.       Timber Creek, 74 pct.



At this time the End-of-Course exam data in Algebra I, Civics, and U.S. History is incomplete.


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