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Hi, I'm Jana. / Woman / Super Mom / Fun / Music Lover / Fashion should be Comfy / Love my time with Friends / Finding Deals makes me smile / Family First! I love live music, enjoying wonderful restaurants, & catching a fun happy hour with friends, but I'd skip it all for a snuggle-fest with my 5 year old daughter! I am a southern girl by birth. Originally from Alabama I have lived in VA, NC, GA, MO, KS, IN, TN, SC, FL, and now here. I went to UNC...GO HEELS! And grew up all Bama... ROLL TIDE! I'm SEC football, ACC basketball... and always prefer College sports to Pro Sports. And I know enough to be dangerous. I look for three things everyday, great conversation, awesome deals, and new ways to relax and have fun! Listen to my show to hear all about it.

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